Monday, April 20, 2009

Downtown Nashville

This morning I had a doctor appointment in Nashville. Having finshed at 9:30 I found myself in Nashville with nothing else on my agenda but to enjoy my morning with my toddler. So I drove downtown with the intention of taking a walk through the big city. I found parking easily right beside my bank where I made a deposit. I opened my trunk to get out my stroller and to my stroller was there. Oh yeah we had to take the stroller out so we could take the bikes yesterday!!! So Ally went in the backpack carrier and off I went. In and out of restaurants, book stores, library, and stores, in and amongst people. She loved it and I loved how happy and entertained she was. People smailed and talked to Ally. They noticed her when they looked at me. Then my backpack strap tore and I wandered into a Dry Cleaning store. The woman there with a huge smile and big excitement to tell me her story and history sewed my torn backpack carrier strap on her 1920 something sewing machine. People are so friendly and easy here in Nashville. I dont think that would have happened in Florida. She charged me 2 dollars. I gave her ten. What turned into a surprise for me was the $14 I had to pay to park there. Where do they hide the free parking?

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